April 19th, 2017

MD Final Ch 3 - Day 3

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Started late and really not wanting to do this as I had a long day yesterday.  I am about 70-80% through ch 3 rewrite but I am aware that the chapters are starting to look like three entirely different essay and that is a bit of a worry.  I don't mind that there are some different arguments and there is a sense of a continuation on a theme, but I think I really will have to nail this soon.


(PS -  took a look at my profile today and saw one cherish LJer has deleted their account and at least one other who is in the process of doing so.  I was warned by both, but am cross with this LJ ToS agreement,  which is in conflict with so many people's freedom of speech.  I am wondering if DW will really be able to pick up where LJ left off and revive a blogging network.  For the record, I don't like the politics on LJ, either - yet DW needs to prove to me that it is woirth staying with them, if I DO decamp.  Plus - WordPress is not exactly chatty, is it?)

* cue tumbleweed and a mournful harmonica sound *

I have got to the last page and will sort that out tomorrow.  Right now "All I see is words with no meaning" (thank you A. Tsibulya).  I have just run the chapters together as an MD mock up and right now I have got 38 pages/9,518 words which I will read as a project tomorrow.  You can't read it as a whole on the pc and paper makes it more frightening, but easier to read.  This is without the conclusion or aforementioned inserts which will bring the contents nearer to 50+.  Arggghhhh! It's all becoming horribly real :-/

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