April 14th, 2017

MD Final Ch 2 - Day 5 (Back On Track)

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Done with the note taking, now it is time to add to the essay and get this project edited and done.

I have not got 2,962 words for ch 2, of which I will have to substantially pare back and make those arguments work.  Not for the first time, I wish I had more time, but I want this chapter tied up by Sunday, so I can move on. I think I am going to have to pull in more critical names, but I kinda like the arguments as they stand.

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Originally, I thought LJ18 was in reference to the amount of people left on Live Journal since the change over earlier this month.  I do not know how much longer this forum will be alive and kicking, but if a cull happens, I will be down on DW or after degree, I might try WordPress (again) and if I am feeling creative, AO3.

Happy Birthday LJ - it's such a shame that it has been reduced to this.