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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

Route 66 (Chuck Berry/Depeche Mode Cover - Beat Master's Remix)

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MD Final Ch 1 - Non Starter
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Don't Love MeCollapse )

After substantially rewriting the intro, I look at Chapter 1 and draw a bit of a blank, but I am aware that either the next two has to draw similar content, to ch 1 Or I have to rewrite ch2 and ch 3 first - THEN go back and rewrite ch 1.  I think things will be better re ch2 beginning, so other than a few nips and tucks, I am leaving ch1 alone for a while.  I will have to possibly link up other secondary books - I used 'Handmaid's Tale in ch1.  I cannot think of a literary book that links so closely with either prostitution or appearances.  Scratching my head here.  Will post on several forums for advice in any case.  You will be surprised how many closet bookworms come out of the woodwork with good counsel at the 11th hour :-D

Posted from changeling67 at Dreamwidth