March 26th, 2017

Major Dissertation Ch 3 - Day ?

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Sometimes, I get a little disappointed with myself as at this stage, I really think I should know how to write.  Yet, I have handed over a first 'exceptionally rough draft' to my lecturer as time pressures have meant that I haven't had time to sort it out.  I have also emailed him a detailed plan and see what he thinks of that, too.  This is the last week I can see and email him - from there on in, I am on my own (well, me and 60 others who are freaking out re their own dissertation final sub - 38 days and counting).  Tomorrow, I will go back to chapter 2 and rewrite the end, as I believe that ch 1 and 2 even if they Do need overhauling - will largely be ready for academic sprinkles.

Mother's day was nice.  Lunch out at Waitrose and cards/flowers/chocolates from Prodigal 1.  Prodigal 2 bought me an attractive notebook and a paper laser sword, of which I will be having plenty of fun time with, winding up the cats.  Because I am such a child.

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Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)/Andromeda/We Got The Power

Not sure what I make of the new Gorillaz music, even if I still love the work of Jamie Hewlett (though I am not sure about what he has done to 2D - high waisters?).  Prodigal 2 thinks that the video is just * quote * "trippin' balls, man." I don't see the supposedly abject weirdness - other than a pizza is talking in outta space.  Feel that Gorillaz have gone from rap/triphop mesh to plain shouty on 'Saturnz Barz', which is a disappointment.

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