March 1st, 2017

Wide Awake Club (Utilised Well)

Self as Night Owl with Buzzing Thought (now outside of head).

Here I am again - unable to sleep, head buzzing full of ideas that I wish would pursue the front of my brain at 2 in the afternoon rather than half past 3 in the morning. Yet, as before, I have had another 'Eureka' moment re my dissertation. Awaiting diss lecturer's p.o.v re part one of chapter 2, I started to gut out chapter 3 when suddenly I thought how all of this ties together (it's been eluding me for ages) and the penny dropped (alas, cannot discuss as I will be done for plagiarising myself). Suffice to say I keyed in three words and bam - went from stumbling around in comparative academic desert to finding the leafiest oasis.

I have Android notes a mile long, which I pasted in an email to myself and now I feel that I am far further forward. Joy to my world

Now, maybe I can catch those zzzz :-)

Later - Zzizz's not caught, will catch up later.