January 22nd, 2017

Me To A Tea :-D

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Hubby is a smart cookie - he takes me to Waterstones at least every couple of weeks.  Better than dinner out, or chocolates etc.  The route to a girl's heart is through the book store.  Question remains - which is the best smell? The fantastic freshly-cut smell of new paper in undiscovered books, or the wonderous odour of older, mustier books?  Decisions decisions....

Major Dissertation Ch 2/Day 6

I have made much more progress today, essentially taking the essay apart and putting it back together.  Now the thorough rewrite starts.  Thing is, I think it might be better to improve it a little, THEN take it to the head honcho for his point of view.  Which could be ages yet and I really don't want to be twiddling my thumbs.  I think I should look at the Satire syllabus and start reading up on that - it will give me a break from the dissertation and give me the heads up as to what is expected.

This is the order of play for the first couple of weeks:

Killing Joke:  Satire, Power, Death and Comedy

The Classical Satirists: Railing, Grinning and Sitting Down to Tea/Extracts from Horace, Juvenal and Lucian.

Not sure whether to embrace this or run for the hills, to be frank.  There is a whole lot of satire going down re the recent turn of events in the western world, so I look on with interest to how this is going to be handled.

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