January 10th, 2017

Major Dissertation Ch 2/D1/Day 3 - Notes

I am soldiering on with Dreamwidth, because I fear the loss of my Grindstone Files.  It means nothing to anyone else - it is just a log to remind me that I am indeed doing what I am meant to be doing.  A self-validation tool, if you like.  I just wish I could cross post from LJ to here. That would make things far simpler,  In fact, I am sure that LJ used to have that feature.  I am also sitting with a bag of henna on my head, which is warm, drippy and smells like a mosh pit.  I am not meant to take it off for another three hours - thing is, can I stand it?  Last time, I think I got to two hours - it was the full on henna too, from Henna Cat supplies, rather than LUSH.  Right now, I have a mixture of both and I know that the dye will be bright for the first few days.

Anyway, I have to go back to typing the notes that I will be using for the essay.  Technically, I am not half way through (about page 5 of 14 notes), but as time goes on, I realise that the notes I needed are now dwindling to a handful a page.  My aim is to finish it tonight so I can start REALLY writing tomorrow :-)

Just came across Mme Schrecks 'Black Theatre' - Angela Carter, you are one dark, dark, cookie.

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