January 4th, 2017

Shock Treatment

Image result for bucket of water to the face

So, I was perusing through the satire module and noted that they seemed to have dispensed with the non-participatory group PPs and now have decided that 5% of your mark comes with whether you a) come to all lectures and seminars and b) participate constructively within them.  WTF - upping the ante, it seems.  It also means I will have to come up two days a week, PLUS my major diss day. There are also some ungodly times to hand the essays in - like 11am in the morning (thankfully NOT paper hand in, or I think I might've thrown in the towel)! There also appears to be a few heavy-handed threats that go alongside.  Not seeing the funny side, Satire not withstanding.

I am narked because it doesn't give much room for the plodding, chipping old duffers (like me) who live a LONG way away (try the next county) for whom they make no special considerations.  Absolutely raging.

Anyway, back to the drawing board, implementing the essay plan for Nights At The Circus.  Guess the Christmas party is over.