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Hey, this is pretty.  Concentrate on this if you don't want to hear a rant
This is what social distancing looks like in St Ives.

A busy Porthmeor beach last week

A packed St Ives during holiday season

Photos courtesy of Cornwall Live - full article HERE

I couldn't feel more dejected that I feel right now.  Below is a post by resident Sarah Rudd, who shares the feeling of many residents


What's on my mind facebook? I am just furious.

In Cornwall, we accept that tourism is our main industry and a necessity for our economy.

But this year... our county and people did a wonderful job of respecting the lockdown and adhering to the rules and staying in throughout spring. Then the Government made the decision to open up travel conveniently just in time for the tourism season.

This summer, so many tourists have behaved diabolically. Not only have I heard many horror stories from folks, who like my husband, work in retail or hospitality and first hand accounts from others in the community, but I myself have witnessed littering and rubbish on the beaches worse than any other summer, being shunted and pushed by large groups of tourists in the town, tourists refusing to wear masks and complaining loudly that they came here to get away from 'that mask and sanitising shit' and the worst yet... tourists coming here with Covid to get some 'sea air.'

Going out became so stressful, that for the most part it's like being on lockdown for us again as I can barely brave going outside unless it's the evening during teatime when it's quieter. My anxiety is higher than it's been in years. I cry most days because I can't understand how people are being so rude and selfish and disregarding the locals here when they're guests in our home. Crying because I don't understand how the government can throw us under the bus like this.

We're on the 'watch list' for another lockdown because cases have risen so much here. This translates as 'once summer is over, you locals can stop serving us and go back in your caves until we say so.'

Not even a chance to breath, to enjoy our home county once tourist season is over, enjoy our lives.

Apparently we're only good for serving people who want a holiday, for keeping the tourism industry going. Then they can lock us up again. Not that I disagree with localised lockdowns, they are necessary to keep us safe! But this feels like a punch in the stomach after all the hard work we as a county collectively put in locking down over spring.

I have friends reliant on public transport, living in Rural villages who haven't left their village for MONTHS.

I can't quite vocalise my outrage. I can't articulate my hurt and disappointment. Hurt that the government is SO insidiously economy focused that they're disregarding the lives and livelihoods of those living in tourist hotspots. Hurt and furious that people taking their holidays during this pandemic aren't acting like there's a pandemic at all and behaving like absolute cretins by trashing our beaches, green spaces, putting lives at risk by flouting health guidance and on top of that... abusing those hard at work serving them, risking theirs and their families health when they should be safe at home.

No. I've had enough. I know most of my friends on here wouldn't think of fly tipping and littering, of being rude and horrible to people hard at work, or even locals in the street and I'm pretty sure everyone here is doing an amazing job of keeping themselves and their loved ones safe but I've hit a ranting point. I need people to know that Cornwall and its people are struggling with this summer, and I'm sure it's the same in other tourist reliant rural communities around the UK.

Please know that we are a tiny, economically and resources deprived rural county and people LIVE here. We aren't a holiday resort - despite the vibe I've been getting this summer off people visiting. PLEASE treat my home and neighbours and community with more respect or there is going to be increased resentment and fear of tourism among the county that so many love and enjoy.


I KNOW what is about to happen at work where my immediate boss is going to relocate and we can't cope as it is.  One guy from another shop has collapsed and yesterday, an incident happened where I was in danger of a nasty accident.  They had crammed 5 delivery trolleys worth of goods into 3 trolleys and the guy couldn't get it through the door.  Rather than unload it outside, he insisted we shoved it through.  I tried - it was heavier than me and he lost his grip.  I didn;t have time to move away, I was directly behind it.  Somehow, I managed to shove it over the ledge to prevent it from seriously maiming me.  He didn't bat an eyelid, nor did my immediate boss when I complained to her.  I refuse to do that again.  They don't give a shit. I'm working for a company who has lost money and the place has gone from poisonous to downright toxic. Holidaymakers, some of whom are resentful and sulking because they couldn't go to Magaluf are unwelcome and they know it.

I am on my day off, but my immediate boss wanted me in, I have said no, but have my phone on airplane mode.  There is NO distance from that place and I am sick to the back teeth with everyone.
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