November 27th, 2016

50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 16

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16. What kind of parent do you think you have been/will be?
I was easier-going with my children than mine ever were with me.  I also mellowed a lot in my 30s. It's a difficult task to find that line between disciplinarian and being mushy with them, especially lads. I got through by honing good negotiation skills and a black sense of humour. Prodigals 1 &  2 have now seemingly turned out ok though.  I would have liked to have had daughters too, but will settle for my granddaughter A and my niece K, who are wonderful.

I do subscribe to the cartoon, though - I usually find that preposterous threats worked.  The "touch-this-aga-and-I-will-knot-your-arms-behind-your-back" threat usually raised a smile from Ps 1 & 2, but they generally got the hint.


Major Dissertation: Rewriting Chapter 1 - Day 4 (Portfolio Blues)

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Despite being up early on two consecutive days, I have been moaning and dragging my ass on this.  It's because it's not only this I have to submit as a super-draft: there is the PP (both paper and hard copy form); the intro (which I can't remember how long it is meant to be, but I suspect it is 500 words over what it is meant to be) and my 'Tranferable Skills' essay (not sure just how long that is meant to be either, but have gutted out a skeleton version).  Plus, it has to be emailed to lecturer two days before I have an audience with him, then the lot (bar PP) redrafted and resubmitted (with PP) paper hand in before Midday 14th December - I am handing it in before this, as I have an important lunch to attend that day.

I think most of this problem is that I have been doing this path from scratch for four and a half years now.  I want to look at programmes and not feel guilty that I am NOT (at that moment) agonising over 200 words that I should be adjusting.  I want to cut out snowflakes with the little ones of my extended family.  I need to shake off that fear,first felt when I heard of a fellow student who has been done for accidental plagiarism earlier this week. I had been quite OCD about indenting everything and now even more so.  Check, check, recheck.

I won't give up - that is not even considered part of the equation, but after this, the only courses I want to go on are extremely short ones!  preferably ones that involve art/craft etc.

(Pic is relevant to me at the moment - the only way I can sleep is listening to Stephen Briggs reading any of the 'Discworld' stories on Kindle.  I can identify with the turtle, too - plodding away to get there eventually).