October 18th, 2016

Printer Not Playing Ball

Sitting here, temper barely contained - my war horse of a printer has chosen NOW of all times to not work. It's ancient as far as printers go (Samsung ML-1210), but when I absolutely need it the most i.e printing out the PP and the Annotated Biblio, it gets stuck.  Right now, am trying to persuade hubby NOT to give it a Cornwall Highways Assisted Burial (they are still outside my door) and somehow ressurrect it from its paper-jammed coma. Sacrificed many small offering to paper gods - bam - working now. PP and biblio printed,  Tomorrow is the big day - it is what I slipped up on last year, so hopefully I can rectify matters, redeem myself.

Above is a rainy day gif - not that it has been particularly rainy here - but I thought it looked suitably autumnal :-)