June 28th, 2016

Corbyn - No Confidence

I awoke this morning to the sound of that unprincipled s**t Osbourne blythely saying that "It was not our responsibility" to have a plan for leaving the EU.  Really? REALLY? Your party were the damned idiots who set these wheels in motion.  You can't abstain responsibility - UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAND YOUR JOB OVER TO SOMEONE WHO CAN ACTUALLY DO IT. The day didn't get much better, as online news media kept tearing any notion of moving forwards to shreds.  Now Corbyn is now said to 'be defiant' after no confidence vote.  Have got a feeling he will stay until he is carted out.

Back to the Conservatives and it appears there are two strong contenders - Theresa and (God help us) Boris, with a couple of others making suitable rumblings in the background (namely Liam Fox and Jeremy Hunt, who have both had bumpy and difficult careers that have seen them resign from various posts).  Gove and Osbourne are seemingly out of the running - a blessed relief for some.  Gove is clearly not up to the job.  As for Osbourne - please see the opening paragraph to this journal entry.  Anyhoo - more on information on the leadership contest, click this BBC LINK

There is an interesting article about the Brexit aftermath from Owen Jones in The Guardian. He feels that we should not 'succumb to the brexit disaster' and that it is 'time to campaign to save our future'.

I think he has a point.