June 4th, 2016

House of Leaves - Haitus

I wasn't able to do much reading yesterday, as life tends to get in the way - but I did catch up on a few pages. The narrator concentrates on the mental state of Holloway, who seems to be stumbling like a beleagured Ahab in search of a ficticious whale - but with more disasterous circumstances all round.   One line I really liked was the following; 'the creature Holloway hunts has already began to feed on him' (p.334). 'H' alliteration - breathing, sighing voiceless fricative - like Holloway is already doomed on some level.  Effective.

Best bit that I liked was the (ficticious) interviews from the 'What Some Have Thought' by Karen Green - which is prominent people's points of view re the film.
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I believe there is a certain amount of playfulness and humour in this book, where you HAVE to participate.  At times, I felt like I wanted to scan and flip, but didn't because I wouldn't get the full experience.  I would also say that MZD is having a laugh at the expense of stuffy establishment boundaries.  Or as Steven Poole observes House of Leaves is ' a satire of academic criticism' and I am inclined to agree.

More tomorrow, when I have finished reading today.