May 18th, 2016

Donna Ruff

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” What captures my attention as an artist are ordinary things, artifacts of lives lived and time passing: a folded newspaper, a mosaic tile, a frayed textile. I find visual patterns in these artifacts and recreate and expand upon them in a slow, deliberate process that replicates a sense of aging and imperfection through cutting, burning and layering the resulting works on paper. The paper I choose is essential to the result. I often work on pre-existing media such as newspaper and books, cutting away some of the content, but I also use handmade paper to contrast my drawing on pure white grounds.” – Donna Ruff

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Primo Levi - Plodding On

More of the same - trying to knuckle down and get this assignment more essay-shaped.

I have made some good progress, but I am aware that during this draft, I am possibly only about half way through.  Still trying to constitue what is deemed as physical vs psychological and will have to pencil in that in many areas, the two overlap. 2,030 words and I am done for tonight.