May 11th, 2016

Better Days

Well, today I was meant to do work today, but have been somewhat preoccupied.  All have been resolved with varying degrees of good news.

1) My sister has had her gall bladder operation - has just woken up and bar being punctured with four entry wounds, seems to be ok.

To start with, her op was overdue in any case. There were a couple of scary events that preceeded this, but she/we are relieved that it's now over and done with.

2) Prodigal 2 is coming home on Friday, but might be home tomorrow if management had its way.

This is a double-edged sword.  It DOES appear that because of the new time/wage regs that a lot of holiday industries think it is perfectly fine to expect their young staff to work split shifts in a 70 hour week.  No names, no pack drill - but it is becoming increasingly frequent over the UK, even if it does break the work and regulations law.  But...also P2 has always had a problem with authority figures and be a bit of a klutz in the kitchen (shades of his mother, alas - it has to be said).  So it maybe six of one etc.. Naturally, I am coming down on the side of my son, but will be doing a little motherly digging to get the full truth when he comes home.

3) I have got 64% for my War Database assignment - wooohooo! Welcome back to the hallowed ground of 2:1s, calico_pye!!!

I nearly had heart failure actually - I read the initial report and it said 36%!! Then I read more closely - to find that 36% of my essay was used up as quotes (which falls within their criteria).  I read everything else which was considered very good.  I whooped for joy - sometimes, it can be a fricken' mystery as to exactly what Lucy Loo (War lecturer's pet name) actually wants.  I have to steam ahead and get similar for the final 2,500 words this current essay. as long as it is a 2:1, I really don't care!!
Today was the day that my year finally handed in their major dissertation. One was shaking like a leaf and in her position, I can understand why - what an amazing journey they have had.  This time next year, I will be in that position and somehow in the next twelve months, I will have to become an Angela Carter expert.