May 10th, 2016

Prince's Estate Versus YouTube

Since my Prince weekend, I have noticed how YouTube has literally been hoovered out by lawyers - at least three videos that I posted have been removed.  Shame that Prince didn't move with the times and have VEVO - he might have shifted more of his recent music that way.

Ah well, never mind - it doesn't stop the fact that a talented musical prodigy has been snuff out. Le Prince et mort - Vive le Prince!

Assignment: Primo Levi - The Beginning

Well, it begins - 237 words so far and most of that is essay plan and the first paragraph.  It will be about the portrayal of physical/physical imprisonment and how the former impacts upon the latter.  Right now, I am concentrating on his stats and the social psychology of imprisonment.  Still no sign of the Cadaverland book, which is most irritating.

Final essay of the unit and I have confirmed the Project in Critical Writing (Major Dissertation) and the last three-piece module next February - Laughing Matters: the Importance of Satire.  One day I will find this all sartorially amusing.....meanwhile, back to the grindstone.

700 + words, but I think at least 200 will be scrapped.  Is the way of the word and I will resume tomorrow :-/