April 6th, 2016

Scrap Book

A few years ago, before I had to have routine-but-life-changing surgery, I shredded all my journals from 1987 to 2012 - partly because it was case-sensitive, but mostly because there is nothing more excruciating for loved ones than to plough through personal diaries etc., if things somehow didn't pan out.  I found one journal that I had forgotten to shred, only to find that I had a few doodles in them.  Plus, as it had chronicalled a particularly difficult time for me, there had been poems written and words crafted.  I cut out what I needed and shredded the rest, which I may add, brought a certain amount of peace.  I have turned a bitter-sweet artefact into something I could live with.  I have started a scrap album, which will harvest doodles, poems, cards from friends and anything else left over that I want to keep.  It feels better this way.  I have seen some journal art and it has given me some ideas - hopefully I will be able to construct a book of fragments, that will eventually become a creative whole.
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I know they are not particularly attractive, but it will improve with other random things I will collect and add to the mix.  There are the odd photos that I have taken, specifically patterns caused by shadows or brickwork etc; things I have worked on (there is a flyer somewhere that I constructed from a Banksy image - got a good mark for it, too); scraps of magazines, materials and so on.  I have a feeling that Pinterest will be my friend for a while - many interesting ideas.

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Speed 3: Lelant Style

It's all happening 'ere. Police everywhere - and are usually such a quiet backwater too


The Cornishman Story

Bomb disposal teams and the police have been called out to a house in Lelant this afternoon after reports of an unexploded device.
Devon and Cornwall Police along with the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Unit were called at around 1.55pm after reports of a suspicious device that had been found by a man while excavating an address in Church Road, St Ives.

An image of the device in question has been sent to the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Unit who have confirmed that this is potentially a live shell or mortar round.
A statement from Devon and Cornwall Police said: "The device has been placed in a nearby field and a 100 meter cordon has been put in place. There are road closures currently in place at Church Lane, The Badger and Longstone Cross."

Original Article HERE

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