February 23rd, 2016

Dream A Little Dream

Dreams are such funny things.  Last night, I dreamt about getting hold of an old push lawnmower -  from my sisters house to a friend in the village.  I picked it up in my old red peugeot, brought it back home and tried it out on our lawn.  It was too hard to push and woke up wondering why I didn't lend them the strimmer instead.

I think I am worrying about the garden too much.  Fence panels on all sides were damaged in one of the gales, then damaged again in a recent gale.  Lost a total of three fence panels and can't really get them replaced until just after Easter.  The winds would have dropped and it would be a lot easier.

Don't like NOT having boundaries - very psychological, huh?

War Writing Since 1914 - Poetry Day 6

Just trying to lose 250 words - this time, they won't even allow a 10% margin.  If I can get it done by tonight, it means that I will have a free day tomorrow.  Unfortunately, Hubby has nicked my car, as his is unwell at the moment.  Curses!

I have managed to shed 130 words, but can only really shave a max of a further 22 words off, bringing it down to the 10% margin.  Any less and there won't be much of an essay left! I have emailed her re the 10% either way (according to some, she wasn't keen on the idea), but I will leave this a day or so before having another look.  No more for now.