February 8th, 2016

13 Neil Gaiman Quotes That’ll Make You Believe in Fairytales

Neil Gaiman is one of the world’s best-loved authors. A rare talent, able to create beautiful works of fiction across various mediums including novels, comics and films, Gaiman is responsible for giving the world The Sandman comic series, the novel American Gods and, of course, Coraline.

Gaiman’s work is sometimes science fiction, sometimes fantasy, sometimes horror and often something with a taste of all three, the only thing Gaiman guarantees is that you’ll be enchanted.

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Iceblink Luck

Last night's dream...I was in a language laboratory, arguing that I hated nouns being changed into verbs, citing the ad for the new Toyota Aygo - Go 'Fun' Yourself. Told them another 'f' word and left.

Woke up with the chorus of this song in my head.

You're the match of Jerico
That will burn this whole madhouse down;
And I'll throw open like a walnut safe
More like a love that is a bottle of exquisite stuff, yes.

X Files Premiere - UK

I was an X-Files fan back in the ninties/noughties (basically because Mulder was cute/pretty masterful with a torch)and time hasn't diminished its attraction. Not so much a fan of the films, though. The premiere hit the UK tonight and I think it was fair to say that myself and my forty-something nerdy pals were glued, even if Anderson's face is pretty immobilised and Duchovny is a bit dog-eared.

Ironic to think that Mulder's initial paranoia about crooked governments seems to be legit in the 21st century. I am far more likely to believe in corrupt officials and rich, shady, largely-anonymous figures, than little green men. Still, shaping up to be a great series, though the British press don't necessarily agree. The Guardian considers it 'underwhelming and ultimately unnecessary'; The Express feels that it is 'A Nostalgia Fest that Descends into Chaos.'

I don't care - let them reboot and nuts to their ne'er sayers.