January 14th, 2016

Ulysses - The Road To Hell

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Well, after a delayed start, I am back in the saddle again - trying to work out the corners of Joyce's bizarre mind and get a coherent essay out of it.  I am sat with a jug of mint tea, a tissue full of rosemary oil to keep me alert, classic FM on discreet burble and the fire cranked to half way.  Alas, this is the Road to Hell.

Have done a LOT of editing, only to find that I am short about 1,000 words, but have been smart enough to have a Ulysses Word Dump in a seperate document so I can use the lines that I have got rid of.  Long, long night ahead.

Long, cold, dark night - I cannot fall into your arms.

I am cold, I am doubled up and I can't feel my feet.

!!!!! ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff***ing powet cuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!!! Plus near heart attack, but thank microsoft for autosave.

Still here, still plodding, still can't feel my feet.

Submitted work 10 minutes ago and I can say with hand on heart, it has been the crappiest piece I have ever written.  And I actually don't care as long as I get a mark.  I have been awake for nearly 24 hours and now I want to sleep.

Newsthump - Alan Rickman Cuts Out Grim Reaper’s Heart With A Spoon

This literally is the only thing that has vaguely cheered me up today.


The late Alan Rickman has set about the face of death with some silverware.

The so-called Grim Reaper continued his utterly shite run of form in 2016 by taking the soul of the man who played Hans Gruber, Professor Snape and The Sheriff of Nottingham – literally the only outstanding thing in an otherwise middling version of Robin Hood.

“I took his arm to lead him away,” said a visibly shaken grim reaper, “and he looked at me, brandished the spoon and said ‘I am going to count to three, there will not be a four’, which I just laughed at.

“And then he leapt on me and jabbed a spoon right through my chest [...] I knew we should have frisked him on the way in; this is the guy who nearly killed Bruce Willis [...] Serves me right for fucking with the Half-Blood Prince, I suppose.”


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