January 9th, 2016

Winter Wonderland

Really wish it would look like this - but weather stubbornly remains between 8-10c (47-50f) during the day and about 5c (41f) at night.  Still, we had a clear day yesterday and forecasters keep saying that cold air will drag itself down from the north.

Ulysses - Nausicaa Notes & Quotes

Back to the grindstone again - I was hoping to start earlier, but hey ho.  The rain it raineth every day.  Short of nailing myself to the chair, I have got to stop looking for distractions.  Time to chippitty chip.

1,118 all told (all three chapters). Not made a lot of progress and am frustrated at my own art of sabotage.  If I could just get things in order, it would be a start.

1,346 - but it's in a hell of a mess at the moment.  I am done for the night.