January 2nd, 2016

Not Ulysses

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Basically the weather has been like this for days on end - blustery, rainy or a mixture of both.  I have returned to my lonely existance of desk sitting - trying to get the gist of the main themes of Ulysses specifically Calypso, Nausicaa, Circe and Penelope.

Questions on Ulysses are as follows:
Assignment 3: critical essay (fiction)
7. Explore the treatment of sex and sexuality in Ulysses.

9. Explore the idea that Ulysses is an ‘epic of the human body’.

Again, modernism and this time, the late great James Joyce. Might be out for dinner tomorrow, so I don't know how much work will be done - right now there is a LOT of paperwork in front of me.

Answer for question 4584.

How was the year 2015 for you -- what was the most important thing that happened to you this year? With 2016 about to dawn on us, what things are you looking forward to (or dreading) the most about the new year? If you make resolutions at this time of year, how good are you at keeping them as time goes by?
It sucked
It sucked all year
Looking forward to this year NOT sucking
I suck at resolutions.