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So warm in the cottage and no a/c - just fans on the desk, so yours truly can type without wilting.  It is difficult to go out in this now variably-infected Petri dish that Cornwall has become.  Full on zombie season out there, where home-grown and holidaying loons free-range together - no-one bothering with social distancing.  On the Covid app, Cornwall's colour is rapidly darkening from blossom pink, to worryingly fuchsia.  It is where the supermarkets are chocka and there is queuing all the way round the car park.  Some concerned locals wondering how to get out and do their usual shopping without facing the havoc out there.

Yesterday, there was a vast swarm of wasps up in the purple beech tree just opposite the shop.  Before I could call the boss, up came the open-topped bus, followed by two young guys in an open-topped car.  In the summertime, when the feelings are high....Personally I have 2 days off and I will spend them at home until evening, where we might go for a drive.  I will probably spend sometime in the garden in the shade.  Listening to Enigma for a while - halcyon days of the mid nineties, where you could still wear your tie dye with pride and breathing was not a luxury.

One day, I will buck up and find some cheer.
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