December 15th, 2015

Relax With Bob Ross

When I was at my most stressed, I used to watch one of Bob Ross' programmes on one of the Discovery channels.  I like his mountain/snow scenes, but mostly I used to watch him as his voice and easy manner brought my stress levels down from wanting to throttle fellow commuters to Zen in a comparative short time.  I would take his lessons over therapy any day.

Sadly, Bob Ross passed away over two decades ago - but he is responsible for bringing peace to this house :-)

Prosecco Dreams

Picture - last day of lectures for the Truro contingency, who spent a couple of hours at the Caffeine Club to recover. I can now safely say that I have been converted to Prosecco. PP on Lolita was okish, will have to see what Dr GS has to say on the matter.

Longest trip home - time and distance haven't changed, but my ipod has died so the journey has doubled in length. Plus the GWR Wifi won't let me listen to Youtube. Time for a sleep methinks, as I am over an hour away from home.