December 4th, 2015

Answer for question 4563.

If you could ask God any one question, what would it be? (If you don't believe in a higher deity of any kind, just assume one existed for the purposes of this question.) What would you hope to receive as an answer to that question?
Will mankind ever stop killing people who kill people, to show that killing people is wrong?

50 Day Meme Challenge 2015 - Day 23

23. Are you more inclined to “build your own empire” or unleash the potential of others?

I would say inspire others, because I was in a job that needed to cajole others (mainly kids) to work.  I think we are in a group now, which very 'Can we fix it?/Yes, we can!' kinda attitude.  I also like brainstorming with like-minded people - there is nothing like the buzz of creative thinkers.

Major Dissertation - 'Carmilla' Annotation

St Ives at night

I have been away from uni for a week now.  I started to have serious doubts - not just breaking through walls, or overcoming obstacles but REALLY struggling emotionally to deal with this.  I spent time with my former lecturer yesterday evening, watching 1st and 2nd years perform at the St Ives Arts Centre (interesting place - appparently, it is where Virginia Woolf used to play with her sister). Seeing her made me feel better, like I am not a faceless commodity anymore. I am making steps to complete some work now, going back to annotating Carmilla.

I wish I had known that I could've spread the BA top up over 2 years - modules year one and major dissertation year two.  I am a third of the way through the third year now.  Still, back to what i know best - lose myself in a book.
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Have finished annotating Carmilla. Lots of rich symbolism there and many examples of Freud's 'Uncanny.'  Hubby moved my room around a couple of weeks ago and now it is functioning once more.  So nice to read in a comfy chair with Classic FM on and a gale blowing outside - the Met Office have named it storm Desmond (since when have we been naming storms??? The last one a week ago was called Barney and I thought they were joking).

Answer for question 4564.

What was your last dream about? Do you tend to dream in black and white or in color? Was there a particular symbol, person, or object in it that you remember that seemed to have special significance? What do you think its presence in the dream might mean?
I usually dream in colour, but the images are so bizarre I can't usually make head nor tale of them. Last night, I dreamt that I was at the funeral of a friend. His wife was wearing a white dress with red strawberries printed on it. His death was meant to be in December (I seriously hope not!) and I was confused as she was wearing summer clothes and was unusually happy.

Strawberries are in season around my birthday time, so I suppose there is SOME meaningful symbolism to it. Maybe about death/birth/renewal?