November 8th, 2015

Cricism & Culture: The Ladies' Paradise - Day 1

I read two thirds of it back in the summer, then discarded it because it was text-heavy and although I appreciate the classics,  I think he could have done with an edit. In my spare time shuttling up and down to Plymouth, I have close-read the whole lot, annotating as I went.  I now have to write about consumer culture, rise of the department store etc., using a specific critic enroute.  I can see Marx rising his head, plus others - I am more interested in the sociological/psychological side of it rather than the vague literary theories, but as i chose English over psychology, I have to choose the lit crit rather than use a more scientific point of view.

Time to chippity chip.

I have written 845 words in quotes from the book - could probably do a few more re the colours/textures etc.. And I have to read the academic book to see which critic will fit with my argument.