October 28th, 2015

Another Brick in the Wall

The Wall - Plymouth
I don't know why hearing that the funding won't be available for me is a) a surprise and b) distressing me as it is.  I have had my eye on the MA since June, but I hadn't realised that it had such restriction re Student Finance.  I have four years of funding, three of which I have used - so why can't I have that fourth year?  The MA seemingly is cheaper than the BA too - it doesn't make sense.  My argument is this: if the government is so keen to pust the retirement age up to seventy, then why are you putting people out to grass so early (the cut off year is 30, ffs). At this rate, I will have 20 years to pay back the debt, so what is the problem? It is true that I will have to consider my age and where I live (mature student in small, close-knit peninsula) and reconsider my options. A friend is trying to get funding for his Mres |English with Creative Writing and is challenging the system.  Another friend (same age) has been able to get herself on the MSc Psychology course, so what am I missing here? Is it because it is a science as opposed to a humanities degree therefore there aren't any bursaries?  It is rumoured that the universities are looking into further education funding and it maybe available in years to come.  Great.  By then I truly WILL be in my dotage.

I have to reconsider my options, maybe go to Careers Advice.  I know that the job centres are full of out-of-work English majors, so perhaps I shouldn't continue down that track.  Maybe I should consider Open University, because at least I could fund it in fragments.. Feel deflated, but maybe I should pay attention to what is in front of my nose.

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