October 18th, 2015

Monsterous Undertaking?

When I did my Victorian modules last year, I really wanted to tackle Dracula and compare it with the earlier Frankenstein and use other comparatives. I was persuaded to study either/or A Dolls House/The Yellow Wallpaper and compare it with The Bell Jar.  Basically, because of prolonged absences re Hubby's illness, it was better to tackle something I had read and use the feminist theory module to work on.  I did it pretty well, but felt sad that I couldn't put my reading of Dracula to good use.

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I can see another psychoanalytical/feminist theory stance here, possibly even post colonial - there is also something called 'Queer Theory' too - though I haven't really got any knowledge of it.

Onward to tomorrow - am not going to uni as I have been a bit poorly over the weekend and need to catch up :-/