September 9th, 2015

Plymouth University Welcome Week - 10 Days To Go

I have been dragging my feet over this, but I have gradually got myself ready for the big day.  After emails had gone missing and some lengthy chats with uni admin, I finally enrolled - to find where my emails had gone and every email from Plymouth University had gone (basically into an email address I knew nothing about, until about 4 hours ago - 144 emails in total).  I have not read a lot of the book pile; mostly because The Ladies' Paradise took up a lot of my time and was one of THE most boring books that I had ever read.  I have progressed on to Mrs Dalloway - can't say I have read a lot of that, either.  I am hoping to wing it somewhat. I want to have a trip to Plymouth sometime before the 21st, so I can recce it out.  I have had a couple of trips to uni over the past couple of years, but I want to take a map and figure it out myself.

It felt good to put my highest achievement level (FdA English Studies) in the 'Qualification to 3rd Year' box.  I will feel a lot more grounded when I get my scroll in October, though.