August 21st, 2015

Answer for question 4490.

How much do you consider the environment when making day to day decisions (what to buy, what to throw away or recycle, etc)? For the environmentally conscious, what's one simple thing that is environmentally friendly that you wish more people would do?
I recycle everything I possibly can and donate most clothes to charity. I am careful with power consumption and economic with the car. My pet peeve is packaging - if the governemnt truly want to 'go green,' they should pressurise the shopping industry to make recyclable stuff, not penalise the public.

Alternative Eighties Weekend I - Icehouse: Hey Little Girl

Picked up a compilation boxset of supposed 'Alternative 80s' music'; listening to them, they aren't that obscure - believe me, I could find more obscure. I prefer the nineties to be honest with you (not so much sucky cheesy crap), but some of these are ok.

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