July 23rd, 2015

Answer for question 4466.

What are your favorite news sites? Which sites do you believe present the news with the least bias, and which are the most biased? Do you believe the comments sections of news sites are a good or bad thing?
I have 'The Guardian' app on my phone - I prefer that to even the BBC!

Major Disconcertion

When I started on this path in 2012, the idea of travelling to Plymouth was too far in the distance to worry about - I worked on the basis of 'just concentrate on getting your Access/FdA English and you will be quids in.'  Cross that path etc.  I am three years down the path and now the reality of it is a little over 8 weeks around the corner and suddenly, I feel overwhelmed by it all - not to mention fed up being chained to a desk for 9 months.  So many things have changed in that time.I have had way too much time off and have become stuck as to what to do for my major dissertation. Not doing Pratchett, not Lewis Carroll (or Lear/C.S. Lewis et al) and I think that you would have to be a heavy-duty fan of either Woolf or Winterson to explore their genre.

I know that I will have to fulfil this, because I will kick myself if i don't do it.  Trouble is, I haven't a lot of headspace at the moment and I am caught between wanting to invest time and wanting to make a bolt for the door.  I have given myself until August 1st to get a major dissertation topic decided. I think it's because I know vaguelly about various classics and genres, but not enough to really get my teeth into doing it - of course that is where research comes in, but I think that you have to love your subject and right now, I can't think of any book/genre that appeals.  Drawn a massive blank.

Both pic and song a representative as to how I feel - brain being fried by overthinking and needing to escape, but I am not sure as to what I am escaping from.
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