June 13th, 2015

Turning A Corner

I'm just thinking about the past few years and how hard I have worked to get here. When this all goes in on Wednesday, it will be the first part of a concrete set of qualifications that will NOT be rendered invalid in successive years. The Access course was only valid for higher education, the first year only counts as 10% - all are transitionary phases, until now. Yesterday, I received the reading list for BA English Year 3 and it was a little daunting, but not undo-able - I think it isfair to say that the lists and emails I have received have spurred me on.

As far as I am aware, EP and I myself are the only ones with extenuating circumstances; everybody else has finished.

The plus side is, I don't feel quite so cut off as I did and after todays effort, things seem so much more do-able. I look forward to driving around in the new-to-me car that I have acquired - I also look forward to not reading anything for a long time and just existing, with as least media as I could get away with.

Things suddenly look a lot brighter. I have a tough few days in front of me, but it's not forever, even if it feels likecit.