May 30th, 2015

New Tech & Post Modernism - Day 80 (or that how it seems!)


If I am not done by Sunday evening, or quit moaning by Monday morning - then I will be done with PM.  My only comfort is that my fellow classmates are in the same boat and are cursing about the exact same stuff that I am whinging about.  Hubby is out with a mate down from London and I am not taking any calls.  Right now, it is just me and Classic FM (currently playing)

Let's get back to business.

So bored.  Have weeded the patio, text some friends etc - but what I should ve doing is editing this damn text. C'mon - get to it!!!!!

I stopped work nearly 2 hours ago. I think that I am about 80% done. Tomorrow, I will print off the finished piece and extensively proofread. I aware that I will still have to signpost it better and keep the PoMo question in the forefront.