May 27th, 2015

Carn Brea Fire

Last night, en route looking for the said Kindle Fire (I kid you not!), I left Pool (just outside Carn Brea) about 21:00.  I had even taken a photo of the iconic Geevor mine black against the setting sun.  Absolutely no hint of a flame then.  Travelled to Truro, managed to pick up said item, drove back a quarter of a mile from Chivvy roundabout, then saw the Carn on fire. This must have all happened within about 50 minutes.  I couldn't believe it. At 01:00 this morning, I could still see it on fire from my bathroom window and we are just over 10 miles away.

News Story HERE

Doesn't appear to be any human fatalities, but I bet there were some wildlife casualties.  Sad.

New Tech & Post Modernism - Day 8?

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I am in the 2,100 region, but I have a LOT of sorting to do.  Tomorrow, I will be totally on my own.  Hubby is having a few hours work at establishments with comfy seating - all are mindful of his recent op, therefore he will be spoiled. I need to get my act together and sort something out.  Then I am back to Bluebeard for the very last time.

Such a long, long road. Such a lonely one, too.