May 23rd, 2015

13 Days Left - Back to PoMo *sigh*

Here I go again, down the vast rabbit hole of Postmodernism, where everything is challenged and nothing is certain blah, blah, blah. I won't start from absolute scratch, but I have a fair bit of research to do. I know I will score pretty low on this assignment, but Ihave the entire 3rd year to pick things up. Think I need to restructure a bit (how very un-Postmodern of me)  - a fellow class mate has said that she will write every sixth word/verb in Arabic and submit it.  It would most certainly contribute to the PoMo notion of randomness (or maybe not as it is every sixth word and therefore the text is still predictable).

Ha! Can't wait to get rid of this bloody module.

1,552 - so about 600 words up from the beginning of the day. Still a LOT of sorting out to do.