May 8th, 2015

Dave Ja Vue

So, what absolute potato voted Tory?

Goodbye NHS and hello cutthroat taxes to the little guy.  It has been suggested that when he next comes to our sunny parish (which he does quite often), that we should train gulls to dump on him - or whip his pasty. In regards to the latter, I can imagine Cameron waving his fist and yelling "Come back, you bastard - I've just bloody taxed that!!!"

This has a horrible sense of Dave-ja-vue - I have just woken up and it's the bloody eighties!  Didn't like that decade the first time round - it's gonna fricken' suck this time!

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Meanwhile, On Planet Thanet.....

Oh deary me, well UKIP took crucial voted from the key parties, but the electorate (who let's face it, were clearly brain-dead) still voted Tory in anycase. Farage couldn't drum up enough bigoted wrath to secure a seat and will now leave that to the Conservatives.  Comedian Al Murray's face was just hilarious and looks freakishly like my eldest son - probably got as many votes as he did too.

Farage has stood down, but has an interest in being re-elected in September 2015.  There is no comment from UKIP HQ, but have issued a re-release of an old eighties song to show their intentions.