April 25th, 2015

The Yellow Wallpaper - Day 8

Eight days, I ask you! Gone are the days when I knocked 'em out in five.This piece has been subjected to a number of rewrites - not JUST editing, but actually whole chunks being retyped.  If the wallpaper is as hideous as the one above, then I can understand her gradual trip to Loony Central. I have been on this since about 10 this morning - my reasoning is that if I start too early, I burn out too quickly.

*plod plod plod *

Note to Self ::: for god sake figure out touch typing, lest you drive yourself mad in the third year.

I think I have dones really well today, probably 4/5ths done before I add essay observation, plus a line from Ibsen will be a good idea.  However, I ache from being lashed to this bloody desk all day (9 hours all told). I will treat myself to tonights Inspector Montalbano

Salvo - o impegnarsi a Livia, o smettere di fare l'amore con cattive ma belle ragazze italiane (even if I find her irritating).