April 22nd, 2015

Hospital Delay

Hubby's operation scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled and is rescheduled for Thursday April 30th.  it is not the hospital's fault, the norovirus closed at least one ward last week and of course, there is a knock-on effect.

The critical timing is way off - I have 44 days and 3 essay assignment, a mini dissertaion and a AIS portfolio to hand in.  All of which can be described as either non-started, or at the 'half-arsed' stage. We can't afford to be mucked about too much as it does not do either of our psyches any good.

The Yellow Wallpaper - Day 5

Doing more of the same, I'm afraid.  Come back in 44 days and I might just get a life back.

All of my very very scrappy essay is all in one place now, with a whopping 2,588 words.  Jeez and I haven't any academic sprinkles, or other texts with similar themes (Ibsen's A Dolls House automatically springs to mind), or proper quotes as yet.  Will have to really mesh/blend/edit the lot. I think I am about a third done in regards to that part.

My problem is never that I don't have a lot to say, just that I have to say too much and I need to pare back.