April 21st, 2015

Answer for question 4332.

Who's your favorite philosopher and why? Why do you connect with this person so much?
Socrates - rational thought philosopher and an all round interesting fellow. His teachings endorsed the fine art of debate. He also taught Plato a thing or two, agitated people who quite likely needed to be agitated, then was sentenced to death by hemlock.

Well, that's the bowdlerised version of the story.

I connect with this, because I appreciate the art of debate - even if it is not something I am good at myself.

Decisions, Decisions

Because my car is kaput, I still need a car whilst Hubby is in hospital. So, I have taken out his car for the first time in 10 years.

Should I tell him that it bounced like a bunny through the gears, or that it goes like poo off a paddle on the straight? Hmm...decisions, decisions.

* heehee *

Just kidding....

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The Yellow Wallpaper - Day 4

Here I am, back at the desk.  I have listened to The Yellow Wallpaper on loop on my dictaphone, because it is useful to hear it without an inner dialogue of my own.  As I mentioned to one of my LJ chums, I think it would be great as a spoof - especially if you bring it into modern day.  Alas, I cannot do this as I have academic work to do - I have decided that story/scriptwriting would definitely be my 'thing.'

The m-essay is tangled but I am on my way.  I have a lot of blending/meshing to do before I add stuff to the second part.  I want this wrapped up before the weekend (maybe a tall order, but that's my aim). Right now, I am retiring for the night.

Nighty nighty :-)