April 17th, 2015

Answer for question 4326.

Which languages do you speak or read? If you know multiple languages, why did you learn more than just your native language? If you could learn another language fluently, which would it be and why?
Of all languages, I learnt Cornish at the age of 13 - which is great if you have use for it. Alas, I might as well have learnt Klingon for the use it has been to me. Of course, I also know a smattering of schoolgirl French, I love you in Swedish, kiss my ass in Hindi and a very rude term in Dutch.

However, I want to learn Italian now - a friend of mine is fluent and thanks to her, I have been watching 'Inspector Montalbano.' Suddenly, I started picking up some what they were saying without the aid of subtitles. Think I might have a go via @Rosetta Stone' or whatever.

Answer for question 4328.

Do you put bumper stickers or other decorations on your vehicle? If so, what types are they -- humorous, political, etc? What's the best sticker or sign you've seen on someone else's vehicle?
Not usually - in fact my just-been-scrapped car originally had stickers, which I got rid of. Bumper stickers get tatty after a while and can be a bit of a bore in anycase. Mind you, I couldn't have done anything more to make my old car less tatty, unless it was craned from a ditch.

The Sandman

I came in to listen to a lecture on scriptwriting today and later sat in on a different lecture - FdA English Year 1s, who appear to be a LOT more switched on than our class ever was.  Also, my former lecturer from Access was lecturing, so it was nice to see her again.  She was very helpful too, as it was reiterating Psychoanalytical Theory - especially Freud's essay on 'The Uncanny.'  She used a disturbing stopfilm animation called 'The Sandman' to underline the fears of things sensed rather than things rationalised.

Alas, the Youtube member who has the film has disabled the embedding code, so I have supplied the link to the film either by tapping on the picture above, or this LINK

Oh and good luck sleeping tonight mwahahahaha!