April 14th, 2015

Back to the Drawing Board

I reviewed my exceptionally-rough-drafted mini dissertation and we both agreed that it would be far better if I scrapped a lot of the first half and substantially redraft the second half. The background on the folktales can be used, but as I wanted to explore the sex/death themes from a psychoanalytical theory angle (fear of consumation or actually fear being consumed), then I would have to research Brothers Grimm The Robber Bridegroom as a primary text as part one. Part two would be about compare/contrast, with The Bloody Chamber - plus Robert Browning, Charlotte Bronte et al. thrown in for good secondary source measure. In some cases, it will be 'back to the bloody drawingboard' again, but this time I have far more appropriate material to run with.

Tomorrow, I will make the prelimary changes, then shelve it for a while. I have an Anna Barbauld essay to write, plus the Charlotte Perkins Gilman one to do. I am nowhere near plotting the post modern one and I have a lecture to attend on that subject on Thursday.  Hubby has his second operation next Wedsnesday, if indeed there is a bed for him - hospitals are on black alert at the moment (chronic bed shortage).

Mentally, I am wide awake though it is a little past midnight - physically I am so tired, I am mute by it.

Shame - such a shame,
Think I've kind of lost myself again...

...fade - made to fade,
Passion's over-rated anyway.

(Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl)

Blackbird Braille

Last night, I dreamt of Stephen Fry. Now, he is a person who can leave you feeling devasted by his eloquence or annoyed by his ubiquitousness - I fall into the former camp.  In this dream, we were on a bus together, circling a whitewashed council estate.  We were talking about the sounds of language, specifically talking about the German language which is strange - especially since IRL, I want to learn Italian. Heaven knows why.  I then remember his spoken piece on Kate Bush's '50 Words For Snow.' I think he has an amazing voice; Alan Rickman runs a close second.

Seems weird to hear that song when it has been one of the warmest days this year.

Saying that, I just love the sounds and patterns of language.  It was specifically the words 'Blackbird Braille' that I heard - wonder what it all means?
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Answer for question 4322.

Do you have a cherished childhood toy, figurine, or other object that you still keep? Why is it so important to you?
I have a few items: a doll's house that I will renovate, so my neice can play with it; a Pelham puppet; Timmy the moth-eaten rabbit and an old wooden hedgehog.

The most important is the doll's house, because of what it represents personally to me. The hedghog is a close second and is one of my earliest toys. I keep them, because of sentimental reasons :-)

The Yellow Wallpaper - The Prologue

As I mentioned a few weeks back - I kicked The Doll's House to the kerb as I found Nora's character irritating, therefore I couldn't empathise with her. So, I have collected some essays and various notes on Charlotte Perkins Gilman's story The Yellow Wallpaper. I have made a sticky of the audiobook entry here on LJ, so I can access it easily (believe me, my bookmarking bar is crammed).  I first read it whilst on the Access course, prior to the degree course and I found it a little hard going.  On second reading, I was hooked.  The task now is to tear it apart, look once again from a Lit Crit point of view and get writing.

Tomorrow is another day :-)