April 1st, 2015

Answer for question 4304.

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you find it easy or hard to jump into a conversation or activity with others? Why do you think this is?
Depends on the people, I am not one for large, social 'networky' gatherings. I think twice before interrupting a conversation, but I do look for cues if possible. I am an observer rather than a participator, that's all.

I still like to party though, especially if it is a laid-back, eclectic do :-)

Bluebeard Mini Dissertation Part Two - Day Three

The Bloody Chamber is a story which is very well written - the descriptions are chilling and truly stifling.  I don't find it heavy-going; in fact it is a remarkably readable book, but it jars the senses and projects the sense of imprisonment.  So going over the details of the palace and finding the alpha male presence firmly marked, it feels cloying - like I am suffering from a form of literary drowning.

Not been a good day.  932 words collectively for part 2.  Most of it was about getting my notes done in order and deciding which theory I would use first. Better luck tomorrow (oh and a stable internet connection would help).