March 29th, 2015

Who We Are

A fellow-traveler in Seattle sent me this week some words of Jack Kerouac. We know him best through his “On the Road.” His critics said he was a fallen man, a bad man in all his debauchery. I say he was a man at the core of his being who was love, a beautiful man and that actually his story is the story of his search and travel to God, back to the love he always was.

Kerouac said, “ I wake up in the morning with my cross around my neck, I realize what thicks and thins I’ll have to wear this through, and ask myself “What would Catholics and Christians say about me wearing the cross to ball and drink like this?–but what would Jesus say if I went up to him and said ‘May I wear Your cross in this world as it is? No matter what happens, may I wear your cross?"

Thank you bardcat - Bardcat's original article is on his LJ page, found HERE


Me yesterday - I have done precious little work this weekend.  Hubby and I had dinner with my sister and her partner, played theatres with my niece and her Zelfs and larked about with a fake stag head.  Really should get on with some work.