March 27th, 2015

House of Leaves Versus The Bloody Chamber

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Decisions, decisions - which do I read first?

House of Leaves is a tome of a book and at first glance, quite confusing to read.  As I have a Post Modern assignment to do for New Technology between now and June 5th, this would be an interesting book to look at (metamodernism blah blah blah). The Bloody Chamber is very much the second half of my 'Bluebeard' mini dissertation par deux - which has to have moved forward in leaps and bounds, before I return to college on April 13th.  I have read The Bloody Chamber a couple of times and is miles shorter, but I have to annotate it.

Anyone out there ever read House of Leaves before?

Answer for question 4298.

For the writers out there -- have you ever had a story in your head for a while (sometimes years) but just can't get going on it? What are your tips for dealing with this type of writer's block?
I have several, but mostly I have shelved them as I have too many other things to consider right now. Plus, I get too involved and make the protagonist an impossible Mary Sue. Not healthy.