March 24th, 2015

Answer for question 4292.

Would you say you are generally a good or bad influence on other people? Why do you think that? What's one time that someone was a particularly good or bad influence on you?
I am generally a 'live and let live' person - being fairly neutral means I am not particularly influential. Saying that, I do try to set a good example for my kids re education and working hard - beyond that, nada.

Contextual Study of Film: Script Writing - Day 8 (reflective commentary)

Link to ebook HERE

Essay - Reflect on the finished script in relation to auteur style or how you have added your own.

Gee that's easy ........................................

Well, I am upto 700 words of a maximum word count of 750 - will have to wade through Barthes, find something that sums the experince up, burn the lot to disk then print all of the script/storyboard and reflection.  Submission deadline 3pm Thursaday afternoon.