March 20th, 2015

Partial Eclipse 2015

Partial Eclipse - Plymouth March 2015 (photo Credit - STEPPINGSTONES )
Last full eclipse visible in the UK was August 11th 1999 - P1 was 14, P2 was just 5!!! Back then, it was very cloudy and became very cold and a bit dark.  We saw very little of it.  Today's eclipse was only 86% and a bit misty, but I saw quite a bit more than last time.  Interesting - even at 86%, the sun was still fully shining and did NOT go into twilight.  Just a bit glass and very shadowy.  Almost could be the precursor to an apocolyse.

Finley Quaye's Supreme I Preme was playing on MTV at the time - so, here it is again :-)

Answer for question 4288.

Did you watch cartoons in your youth? What’s your favorite animated or cartoon program from when you were a kid? Do you still watch any animated shows today?
Interesting - I am considering animation right now as part of my script writing project. I have always loved cartoons (Hanna/Barbera especially). I especially loved stopfilm animation, such as Bagpuss, The Clangers (UK TV), everything Aaardman.

I have converted to Tim Burton animations and am seriously considering animating Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart :-)