March 18th, 2015

Answer for question 4282.

Do you think of yourself as an honest person? Can you think of a time where you lied to someone, just to make them feel better? What did you say?
It's the old ethics argument again. Deontology Vs Teleology. Basically would you tell the truth to the nth degree, regardless of the consequences - or would you weigh up the situation and scatter untruths like little white butterflies.

I go with the Teleology/Consequentialism - but I do tend to tell people the brutal truth if there IS no other way of getting the message across.

Contextual Study of Film: Script Writing - Day 5 (finishing touches re script/storyboarding)

I put the exceptional rought draft in front of my film lecturer, who had a smile midway (peppered with a bit of black humour - plus, it had become a bit cartoonish - but that is the genre I have chosen; a Tim-Burton-meets-Hanna-Barbera kind of style). This afternoon, I will be using a lot of black card, white paper and red pen to illustrate. I actually feel a bit more relaxed about it - probably because I am enjoying it more when I am using my own imagination.  Being my own auteur, so to speak.  I can't scan the pix until tomorrow, but I can have the prototypes ready for the lecturer to see.

I have included more possible music - this time from Neroche (see/hear above AND below).


From 0:37 onwards will be used as the end piece of music.  Think I am getting closer to the end of my objective.

I am done for now, but am irritated to find that the export file just changes it to notepad style. I have printed it out here from the programme and emailed the note pad version across.  I hope it will convert to the Celtx programme at college :-/

I feel a bit 'stretched' again - will leave the storyboarding for Friday.