March 11th, 2015

Plymouth University ALP Visit

Tomorrow, we have a lecturer from Plymouth coming down to read some of our part 1 ILS mini dissertation drafts, talk to us individually about our module choices and give advice about our major dissertations.  I will not add to the draft, but will iron out a few bloopers and then get advice.

Today is a quiet day.  I am feeling under the weather at the moment.  I have unpresedented levels of extreme exhaustion.  I have reviewed my dietry issues, but I need to top up on something - so I have purchased multi vitamins and consumed a lot of veg soup today. I hate struggling for energy.

Ok - script has been emailed and will be uploaded to memory stick later.  Have the full rough draft for the ALP tomorrow, plus planning grid.  I am done - very long day tomorrow.  We officially get the results back - but something is in the wind, though.

Answer for question 4274.

Do you need to write things down to remember them? What was your worst moment caused by forgetting something?
I used to be very scatty before I had a family. I think being responsible for little ones certainly changes how you organise your life.

I don't have small children anymore and am a mature student at university. These days, I remember things by setting phone reminders, writing things on calenders and wipeboards and my academic diary.