February 28th, 2015

IAS PP - Day 2

I have precious little time to do this PP and it will show alas.  However, I will just have to wing it - the sooner this is done, the quicker I will be to being up to date with most things.  The point of the Integrative Applied Study is to generate the work that you have used into the public arena.  This will reduce my content to this following solitary screen:
Collapse )

I am hoping to change this very shortly.  Fingers crossed as I am not very inspired today.


I must admit, I am enjoying putting this PP together, because it represents what I want to do for a career later when the degree is but a distant memory.  I say this NOW - later might be a very different story, but at least I have narrowed down the genres to the following - fantasy fiction, twisted fairy tale, ghost/goth horror. I also like observational monologues and very dry humour.  Alas, as I have to submit coursework of sorts, I haven't got the time to wax neither wittily nor lyrically.

I am pleased to say that I am almost done - will have to gen up on all the stuff I am talking about and practice a bit.  Then I can say we are fair 'n' square and more importantly, up to date.