February 20th, 2015

Bluebeard Mini Dissertation Part One - Day 4

Another red picture signifies another day at the educational coal face (I should really stop complaining, because I whined on long enough about wanting to do this degree).  Yesterday was a bit messy, but I am reading some of the essays and stuff today, plus excerpts from the books.

I have been substantially writing large chunks of the essay and am coming round to the crit lit essays very shortly.

In some respects, I don't feel that I have got a lot done - but I have type written a lot of the quotes that i want to use within the essay in a kind of Word Dump.  Hopefully things will materialise tomorrow.

Answer for question 4246.

Are you generally a good judge of character? What's a time you felt you had a good sense of someone, only to have it turn out you were completely wrong?
I have been pretty good at figuring people out - their facial expressions and body language usually give the game away. I tend to have a bit of a blind spot with some that I have known for a while, though - that something happens and I am left thinking "Wow, didn't see that coming." Then I sit back and think, "Yeah...I did. I just chose NOT to see it."